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As a parent in the Cheyenne community, you want your sons and daughters to be well educated, healthy, successful, of strong character, and happy!  One of our Nation’s best-kept secrets, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program is one of the best resources parents and teachers could have to help achieve these goals.

THE MISSION of the Cadet Program is to develop character through leadership training while providing service to our nation, the United States Air Force, and the local community. The Cadet Program works to develop a pool of young, dynamic aerospace leaders for the future.

United States citizens, or aliens admitted for permanent residence, between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age are eligible for initial cadet membership. Individuals who join CAP as a cadet prior to their 18th birthday may remain cadets until their 21st birthday.

THE GOALS of the Cadet Program are to:

  1. Teach cadets teamwork, communications skills, self-discipline and self-confidence;
  2. Expand cadets’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand aerospace principles and the total impact of aerospace power upon society;
  3. Assist the cadet to develop a personal ethical foundation and an understanding of moral issues through discussion and debate;
  4. Promote physical fitness, developing lifelong habits of regular exercise;
  5. Encourage cadets’ participation in special activities and programs, learning leadership principles and aerospace science.

Through study and performance, cadets work through a series of achievements and milestone awards. As cadets progress, they advance in grade, increasing the scope of their leadership responsibilities. They earn awards and become eligible for nationally-sponsored special activities and scholarships.  Those who later choose military service may earn early promotion.

Five Elements of the Cadet Program:

The Cadet Program accomplishes its mission of developing young, dynamic aerospace leaders through the application of the program’s Five Elements:

Leadership – Development of the ability to think independently and to lead others in an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect. CAP introduces youth to principles of leadership through self-paced study, classroom instruction and hands-on opportunities leading other cadets in real-world challenges. As our cadets progress in experience and grade, they become part of the Cadet Leadership Team with the opportunity to train, mentor, and lead other cadets.  With continued advancement, our cadets become a larger part of the decision making and planning process.  Senior members, acting as mentors and instructors, help the cadets develop their leadership skills.

Aerospace Education – Inspiration of a love of aviation and space technology; providing a foundation in aerospace’s scientific principles; and introduction to aerospace career opportunities. Education includes self-study and group-study methods.

Our unit offers Cadet Flight Simulator Training, competitive model airplane assembly projects, exposure to rocketry, a “Planning a Mission to Mars” curriculum, Field Trip activities, and Cadet Orientation Flights in our Cessna 182 aircraft.

Character Development – Commitment to live CAP’s Core Values, and the ability to think critically about moral and ethical issues. CAP develops character in cadets through mentoring, character education and activities that promote a drug-free ethic. Our Core Values embrace Integrity, Excellence, Respect and Volunteer Service.

Physical Fitness – Develop in cadets a habit of regular exercise. The fitness program encourages units to provide drills, games and other activities that promote physical fitness, confidence, and teamwork.

Activities –Allow cadets to apply their leadership skills, explore aerospace careers, and practice the cadet ethic. Each squadron decides what activities it undertakes based on the interests of its leaders and members.  Ours offers cadets the opportunity to serve their community by training to become a member of our Emergency Services Team.  CAP has volunteer aircrews, ground teams, and support teams that participate in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.  Cadets have the opportunity to participate in the activities of other CAP units across the State.  The Wyoming Wing plans and sponsors state-wide activities.  For those cadets that meet the prerequisites, National-Level activities provide opportunities for advanced and more intensive training, allowing cadets to network with those from other States and Territories.

If your son or daughter, may be interested in joining (or just wants to learn more about our program) please contact me!

Cadet Online Application (Please Contact the Squadron Commander for Cadets before Applying):

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